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It has been yet another great year for Porsche Club Singapore and we would like to thank you for supporting our events throughout this year.  As the year comes to a close, we would like to remind you to renew your membership so that we can continue to keep you in the loop of exciting events planned for next year. Our new membership portal supports online renewals for a seamless renewal process.

The renewal process starts 1st January and ends 31st January every year for the same calendar year. Renewal is calculated based on the entire year at $240.00.

After the grace period which ends 31 January, memberships that are in arrears will be considered as lapsed and the membership account will be de-activated.  Any requests beyond this deadline will be treated as new membership applications and the joining fee of $380.00 will apply along with the annual subscription computed on a pro-rated basis.

Terms of renewal:

By submitting this application for renewal of membership, I hereby confirm that all the details submitted are true and accurate. I acknowledge and agree irrevocably that Porsche Club Singapore and its General Committee members / office bearers and sub committee shall not be held responsible in any way whatsoever for any accidents, fatality, traffic summonses, theft and/or any negative consequence whatsoever arising from my attending and/or participating in any of the activities organised by the Porsche Club Singapore .

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Porsche Club Singapore and its General Committee members/ office bearers and sub committee, whether singly or jointly, from any suit, action or claim brought by anyone who attends and/or participates in any activity organised by the Porsche Club Singapore as my guest(s). I agree irrevocably that my participation in any activity organised by the Porsche Club Singapore is of my own volition and I shall be solely responsible for my own, and my guest(s)’, personal safety as well as my/ their personal belongings/ vehicle.

I agree to pay the Renewal Annual Membership Fee of S$240. I agree to observe and comply with the Porsche Club Singapore’s Constitution, Bye-Law, and Rules and Regulations as may be amended from time to time, if my application herein is approved. I agree that the committee of the Porsche Club Singapore may exercise its absolute discretion whether to accept my renewal of membership in Porsche Club Singapore.

I agree to update the PCS General Committee through email, whenever there is a change in my vehicle, and also agree to update the vehicle information under my profile in the PCS Membership Management system.

I ACKNOWLEDGE that I have read and understood the requirements to renew my membership, that I have all valid documents not limiting to the following:

  • I am the vehicle’s registered owner or the vehicle’s registered owner has extended his/her approval to me to use the vehicle for any club activities
  • I have valid insurance as required by PCS
  • I have valid Singapore Registered Driving Licence
  • I am physically & mentally well to operate or drive my vehicle or any vehicle for any club’s activities.


Please click on the below link to validate all your personal details in the profile. Update the changed details if any by clicking Edit Profile button. You can also click on the Renewal button to renew your membership.

It is important members ensure your details are accurate and up-to-date, as PCS may use key membership information (such as dietary restrictions) for planning and organizing club activities, as well as send SMS notification or deliver items to members' address. If your info is not correctly entered, our vendor partner will NOT be able to fulfil local delivery, and club communication or gifts may not be able to reach you.


If you do not see a renewal button, check whether you are already a renewed member. The profile will show you your membership validity. Alternatively, your membership would have expired and you need to APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP.

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