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The new Porsche corporate design

28 Feb 2018 03:10 | Anonymous

The Porsche Clubs are an important component of the global Porsche family. With their visual outward appearance they successfully reinforce the uniform perception of the Porsche brand. In this way the Porsche Clubs take on a unique position in the external perception of Porsche.

The design of the Porsche Club logos allows on the one hand sufficient individuality to take account of country- and club-specific differences, while on the other the uniform structure of the logos guarantees a very high level of recognition around the world. This recognition effect and thus the association with Porsche represent significant added value that the official Clubs enjoy. The Porsche Clubs' worldwide signet and the Porsche Club logos are now regarded in the automotive world as an accredited brand.

Excellent implementation of the corporate identity (CI) is today already an outstanding feature of the Porsche Club world. The Porsche Clubs have always greatly assisted Porsche AG in the implementation of the Club corporate identity and we would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you for your tremendous cooperation.

Porsche has now updated and enhanced its corporate identity and henceforth has its own, very beautiful font: “Porsche Next”. The new corporate design is being introduced throughout Porsche AG around the world in a phased process that started in September. Due to our special relationship with the Porsche Club world it is therefore of great importance to us to get the Porsche Clubs on board with the new CI as well. We therefore request that you work with us once again in making this CI adaptation. Naturally we will assist you with this both operationally and financially.

The new corporate design does also definitely have advantages for the Porsche Clubs and we would like to give you here an exclusive run-through of its main features.

 The new Porsche corporate design

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