• 10 May 2018 23:38 | Anonymous

    The second issue of the The MONTHLY peek - for the month of May 2018 has just been issued 

    Those who missed the mail , can download and read from here 

    Newsletter PCS May2018 Final.pdf

    We will be happy to receive any feedback or recommendations for the same 

  • 22 Apr 2018 22:39 | Anonymous

    The first ever PCS Newsletter was launched on the 21st of April 2018 - guided by the ideas from Mr. Leon Liu the PCS President 

    A copy of this Newsletter named "The monthly PEEK" is available to read by following the link below 

    Enjoy reading 

    Newsletter PCS Apr2018 FINAL.pdf

  • 10 Mar 2018 01:28 | Anonymous

    Porsche Club Singapore (PCS) members ushered in the Lunar New Year on the auspicious “Ren Ri” day 22nd February . A total of 68 members, family, friends and sponsors gathered together for a meal that was specially crafted by XIN by Divine Palate, a modern Chinese restaurant that opened in Duxton Hill two months ago.

    Members were greeted by welcome drinks sponsored by Remy Martin – they chose from either Remy Gingers or The Botanist gin & tonics.  The traditional “lo hei” affair was accompanied by frozen Remy Martin VSOP – a surprising and wonderful twist, and a befitting toast to open the night for Porsche Club Singapore.  “Shanghai Jazz” music was the theme for the night, and it was anchored by wonderful performance by Dawn Wong & The Shanghai Jazz Club.

    Check this out on The Peak Magazine :

  • 28 Feb 2018 03:17 | Anonymous

    Fast. Puristic. Emotive. For the past 70 years, the Porsche brand has been synonymous with sports car construction at the very highest level. On the 8th of June 1948 the first vehicle to bear the Porsche name was registered: the 356 “No.1” Roadster. This is the day on which the Porsche brand was born. The Type 356 turned Ferry Porsche’s dream of a sports car into a reality. His vision at that time embodied all of the values that still define the brand to this day.

    We would like to celebrate this special anniversary with you, our long-standing and loyal Porsche enthusiasts. This is why we have planned an event with a special Porsche flair for you. At the heart of our program is a four-directional rally. And beyond its finishing line near Ludwigsburg / Stuttgart a fascinating Porsche experience awaits you – together with Porsche friends from all over the world.  

    Anyone who has ever taken part in a road tour or parade with their Porsche knows the fascination and emotions of this shared driving experience. This is exactly what we would like you to experience during the four organized tours between June 6th and June 8th, 2018. The tours are accompanied by Porsche Community Management employees and, in some cases, also by our brand ambassadors – we look forward to spending time with you!

    All participants of the different routes will come together at the finish line on June 8th at about 5pm, and there will certainly be a big "Hello" among Porsche friends. The program to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Porsche sports cars in and around Stuttgart, the home of the Porsche brand, can begin now:

     70 years of Porsche sports cars – Anniversary event of Porsche Clubs worldwide

  • 28 Feb 2018 03:13 | Anonymous

    The Porsche Club address list: The Clubs’ business cards

    200,000 Club members, 85 countries, 6670 Clubs. The world of the Porsche Club is characterised by changes and growth. This is set to increase. 

    Of course, Porsche Community Management would like to keep you informed about the current status of the worldwide Porsche Clubs at all times to the greatest extent possible. The Club area of the Porsche Homepage features an address list of contact persons, Presidents and administrative offices in the respective Clubs.

    In order to be able to keep our address database up-to-date at all times, we are relying on your support. We therefore request that you notify us of any changes occurring in your Porsche Club using our online address form. Please keep the following information up-to-date: the Club address, new contact person(s), President and other members of the board, and the current membership figures.

    Furthermore, you will also be ensuring that the correct contact person at your Club will always receive information from Porsche Community Management. This is primarily relevant for the online access to the restricted President area of Porsche Club News, and the invitations to events held by Community Management.

    Please help to support the successful growth of the worldwide Club organisation network. We would like to thank you for your cooperation.

    Your Porsche Community Management

  • 28 Feb 2018 03:10 | Anonymous

    The Porsche Clubs are an important component of the global Porsche family. With their visual outward appearance they successfully reinforce the uniform perception of the Porsche brand. In this way the Porsche Clubs take on a unique position in the external perception of Porsche.

    The design of the Porsche Club logos allows on the one hand sufficient individuality to take account of country- and club-specific differences, while on the other the uniform structure of the logos guarantees a very high level of recognition around the world. This recognition effect and thus the association with Porsche represent significant added value that the official Clubs enjoy. The Porsche Clubs' worldwide signet and the Porsche Club logos are now regarded in the automotive world as an accredited brand.

    Excellent implementation of the corporate identity (CI) is today already an outstanding feature of the Porsche Club world. The Porsche Clubs have always greatly assisted Porsche AG in the implementation of the Club corporate identity and we would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you for your tremendous cooperation.

    Porsche has now updated and enhanced its corporate identity and henceforth has its own, very beautiful font: “Porsche Next”. The new corporate design is being introduced throughout Porsche AG around the world in a phased process that started in September. Due to our special relationship with the Porsche Club world it is therefore of great importance to us to get the Porsche Clubs on board with the new CI as well. We therefore request that you work with us once again in making this CI adaptation. Naturally we will assist you with this both operationally and financially.

    The new corporate design does also definitely have advantages for the Porsche Clubs and we would like to give you here an exclusive run-through of its main features.

     The new Porsche corporate design

  • 28 Feb 2018 03:07 | Anonymous

    The International Porsche Club Presidents’ Meeting (IPM) of the Porsche Community Management: A special event for all international Porsche Club Presidents. Representatives of the Porsche Club scene meet here at regular intervals to enjoy days full of work and new Porsche experiences.  

    In 2016, the Porsche Community Management had the opportunity to welcome 220 Porsche Club Presidents as well as representatives of Porsche Clubs worldwide and was delighted at the large number of participants. This year the Porsche Driving Center of the Porsche Driving Experience Winter in Levi/Finland was chosen as the event location. 

    All participants had the chance of driving the latest generation of the Porsche 911 on snow and ice 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The Porsche Driving Center provides unforgettable driving pleasure on numerous routes and different handling courses. Furthermore there was also a great cultural offer: husky and snow mobile trips through the northern landscape and a visit to a traditional reindeer farm allowed the participants an exclusive insight into the culture and lifestyle of Lapland.

    But the driving pleasure wasn’t the only focus of the IPM. This event is also a good opportunity to get all the international Porsche Club Presidents together to discuss current Club issues in a workshop – experience and knowledge are shared and international collaboration coordinated and expanded.

    We – the Porsche Community Management – would like to use this opportunity to thank you for an unforgettable time in Levi. To keep this experience and the impressions we gained in memory, you can find all the photos, the video and the workshop documentation of the event available here as a download.

     The International Porsche Club Presidents’ Meeting

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